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Testimonial from our clients all over the world


“Dear Jack,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your help in providing me with my hearing aids.

I found your service to be very professional, helpful and informative and feel sure that that you provided me with the hearing aids that suit me needs perfectly (not the most expensive).

The tests were carried out at my home in a courteous and 'entertaining' way and made it a pleasure experience.

Your after-sale care is also to be commended. I have, and will continue to recommend your services to anyone.”



“This letter is to relate to you how pleased I am with my Austar Lenx 16 RIC hearing devices.  I had heard stories of how being in a crowded room would be difficult and unbearable to tolerate because of the noise.  To the contrary I have found the experience to be wonderful hearing what is being said instead of guessing about half of it.   I can now hear the complete conversation and even different pitches in my wife's voice for the first time in many year.

To say the least my experience with my new Austar Lenx 16 RIC hearing devices have been nothing but wonderful. My only regret is not having them sooner, it would have made many hours of my life more enjoyable. Thank you."


”Hello Danny I’ve just come back from my trip to Botswana. Im very happy with the Inspiring sound BTE 13 A , the DIA 675 Instanfit Inspiring sound“



”Dear Danny,
Thanks for your mail. I haven't contacted you because I am currently on leave. My colleague has fitted some the aids and so far the clients are satisfied with the quality. Is the ultra sharp the top quality for the analog aids? Are your batteries zinc air or mercury free?
I will soon be ordering some more aids. The import duty is quite expensive here.
You will hear from me soon."


"Thank you very much Danny for the information. i have seen the 'JOY'. it is a very good innovation and suitable for my practice. "


"Dear Danny

Just to let you know the hearing aids have arrived safely and we are 

immensely impressed with the aid and packaging.

Kind Regards!"



"Dear Danny,

I want to congratulate your engineering team Lenx RIC was tested by audiologist the result is very good quality and high output power.

I believe we could promote both your programmable device to the audiologists market and your assistant listening devices thru the point of sales (pharmacies and optical centers).

We have now a huge work to do to communicate and to make your product known in market.

Best regards"



"Hi Marshall,


I am writing to say how delighted I am with my hearing aids Lenx8 CIC. Although it has taken quite a while to get everything to be right, the fitting, the fine tuning etc. we got there in the end. I can't express my thanks to you Marshall, for all your help, care, patient, profession and persevere, nothing has been too much for you.


They have certainly made a big difference to my life, I can now hear things I haven't heard clearly for years, especially my music, wildlife sounds and many other sounds I had forgotten existed. I can now hear one to one conversations whilst in crowded places, without all the background noises.


Over the past few years my hearing has deteriorated, recently to the extent that I struggled to keep up with conversations. Having always been an outgoing, sociable person I began to lose confidence when in social situations. I explored several web sites and found Digital Hearing Care. The web site was very informative and I contacted you. I was delighted when I had them fitted as they could not be noticed even though I have short hair.


The difference they have made to me is remarkable. I have regained my confidence in all situations especially large group conversations and now the television can be at an acceptable volume!


Anyway, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the outstanding service I received from you and your company."



"Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for your soon reply.

Well done!

We are happy to know Joy model which is suitable for boths sides of ears and smart, easy to operate, we are forward to know the technology information and datasheet, pls kindly provide one copy of Joy for us reference. Thanks again!"


"Hello Mr.Tony,

Good morning!

We have received your cargoes, the tracking company is fast! Everything is fine, package is good, we like it! You did a good job!

Thanks for your help! "


"Dear Mr.Tony

Thanks for your help!

Our Audiologist has tested the Maya U+ BTE 13A HA, quality is good, we would like to buy more pcs. "


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