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Getting used to hearing aids


During the first couple of days, the sound reproduced by the hearing aids may be perceived as unnatural, and it may be difficult to recognise and distinguish between various sounds. If you use your hearing aid every day, you will gradually get used to the new sounds.

First-time hearing aid users

For a first-time hearing aid user it is difficult to know what to expect. Many new users hope they will be able to hear as they did before they found out they had a hearing loss. That hearing aids can perfectly restore the hearing is unfortunately an exaggeration. Hearing aids help many people around the world by giving a more subtle sound picture and improving communication in many situations.

Experienced hearing aid users

For most hearing aid users getting used to a new hearing aid is easier than when they got their first hearing aid. You know how it feels to have something in the ear and because you have experienced the benefits of wearing an aid, you are likely to be more motivated than the first time.

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