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Hearing Aid Technology is Nothing Like It Used To Be

Ten thousand baby boomers enter or start social security every day. With that, higher instances of age-related hearing loss are sure to follow.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), there will be a massive influx of hearing-impaired individuals who aren’t receiving the help they need to manage their hearing loss. It is important for individuals suffering from hearing-related problems to be aware of the newest advances in hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aids today are a far cry from the bulky contraptions of decades past. Today’s devices are effective and discreet, and can be adjusted in a quick and simple visit to your hearing aid provider.

New hearing aids are much smaller and virtually invisible.

Hearing aids now contain technology that is much more sophisticated in responding to noisy environments, letting you hear without feedback and echoes. Just like a high-end stereo system, the latest hearing aid technology filters out background noise, cleans up and clarifies the sound quality, and automatically adjusts the volume. Hearing aid specialists can program the hearing aids to match the refinements of each person’s hearing loss.

Like the equalizer on a radio, hearing aid specialists can set several bands to match your hearing loss at every pitch. Hearing aids today are tailored to fit a person’s specific hearing loss. Directional microphones preserve speech understanding and filter out noise better than any other hearing technology – leading to better hearing in noisy surroundings. They don’t fit into the tiniest ear canal but give the best hearing experience.

Bluetooth hearing aid technology

Hearing aids with Bluetooth allow users to hear the music from their iPods or connect to their cell phones without the need for taking out their hearing aids to put on headphones. This wireless technology transfers the data between your electronic device into your hearing aids. There is an additional device that must be used with your hearing aid for the device to work with Bluetooth.

Changes may mean an upgrade

As hearing aid technology changes, so does the need to upgrade that technology. Hearing aids are like computers in that you can continue to use the computer you’ve used for years, but to get the latest technology and features with better quality, you will need to upgrade to a newer hearing aid

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