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IIC Polaris 90  IIC Hearing Aids

IIC Polaris 90  Polaris 90 IIC

IIC Polaris 90  AST Package

IIC Hearing Aids Polaris 90 IIC AST Package

This is Austar Polaris 90 Elite Invisible In Canal Hearing Aids.

Custom-made for you
For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
Tiny Design, Completely invisible in most ears, extremely small and light weight

IIC details

Austar programmable hearing aids including IA, Elite and Elink. IA hearing amplifiers with wireless fitting and APP fitting, intelligent and convenient. Elite and Elink with traditional wired fitting.


Top CASA Noise Manager System
New 5th Generation intelligent Multi-modal Feedback Handing System
Transient Loud Sound Blocking System
Personalized Power-Saving Sleep Mode
Three-In-One Touch Technology
Intelligent Real-Time Spectrum Anlysis Presenation System
Adaptive level Manager
Personalized Datalogging System: ilog 5.0
Intelligent Volume Record learning Function
Multi-Channel Signal Processing
Up to 32-Channel DDRC System
Dual Dynamic Range Compression
Direction of High Precision Intelligent Dynamic Focusing System

Elite Hearing Aid series include: Polaris 90 | Polaris 70 | Polaris 50 | Polaris 30, Lenx 90 | Lenx 70 | Lenx 50 | Lenx 30, Optimum 90 | Optimum 70 | Optimum 50 | Optimum 30. The styles include IIC, CIC, ITC, HSE, ITE, BTE, BTE-OE, RIC. Hearing compensation range from mild to profound hearing loss.

Austar hearing aid with completely types and exllent design including BTE, RIC, BTE-OE, ITE and intant Fit CIC. Standard power, high power and super for BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aid. Eidition color is available.

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