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AST IA Wireless Hearing Aids Advantage & Benefit


So what the Advantage and Benefit about High-tech AST wireless Hearing Aids? Please just check the bellow table:


Feature Advantage Benefit
Intelligent supervised adaptive learning intelligent function can separate speech and noise. With automatic volume learning, volume record and program record. Record user's favorite program and volume level. Improve speech comprehension more than 50%.
Wireless fitting Wireless fitting. Fast and convenience Enjoy hearing from all direction. Walk freely no program cable restict.
Intelligent analysis AST Intelligent analysis environment signal function to analyze noise radio information High precision intelligent directional focusing. User can hear more clearity and more natural sounds in a variety of noisy environments, even in places where the sound source moves quickly.
independent channels Up to 32 independent channels can adjust to gain, DDRC, expansion and output functions levels. The sound signal processing function make sound more precise, the sound compensation more accurately, and the fitting operation more convenient. Allows users to listen more clearer, more confortable, more natural.
differrnt types Hearing Different series of differrnt types of Hearing Aids on the IA platform can share data with each other, and can save multiple fitting records independently. Different types of Hearing Aids can transfer data to each other, which can pprovide users with more listening choices, allowing users to retrieve the listening data that was previously considered good.
Intelligence APP Intelligence APP for power control and function adjustment Convenient for users to find Hearing Aids User can view the Hearing Aid power from your mobilephone anytime, anywhere, and independently adjust the volume and switch the listening program according to the listening environment.
AST Hearing system Tinnitus masker function seetting according to user's requirements It can mask the sound of the user's tinnitus, to achieve a certain degree of relief of tinitus, and divert the user's attention through a wide range of soothing background sounds.


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