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Austar IA Hearing Aids Models And Colorful



Here are our New Release AST IA Wireless Hearing Aids Models And Colorful, the newest products with completely type and excellent design including BTE, RIC, BTE-OE, ITE and Instant Fit CIC, Standard power, high power and super power for BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aid. Series include: Fugue 32W | 28W | 26W | 24W | 20W | 18W | 16W | 12W | 10W | 8W | 4W. Various colors are available: Pearl Gray, Sandy Gold, Beige, Pewter, Coffee, Brown, Silvery, AB/OG, CG/LG.






While are these your cup of tea? If you have any question or opinions, pls just chntact us











And, How To Connect the Hearing Aids through APP or Software? You can download the IA software first. Then, use the wireless fitting transmitter to connect. The IA items have two tyles of linking method. One way is through the inside wireless fitting and wireless fitting instruments. The model include BTE, BTE P, BTE U, RIC, ITE SP, HSE SP, HSE, ITC SP, ITC. The other way is through external wireless fitting. The model contain CIC SP, CIC, IIC, ITE SP, HSE SP, HSE, ITC SP, ITC, CIC SP, CIC. Please check the bellow image.


1. Inside Wireless Fitting Hearing aid
2. External Wireless Fitting Hearing Aid
3. keep away from computer jost, screen, audio box and router interfere.
1. External Wireless Fitting Hearing Aid only
2. binaural fitting separate Left ear with blue color, right ear with red color.
3. Single ear fitting for both sides.
1. USB cable used to connect wireless fitting transmitter with computer.
2. More convenient to put transmitter void place


Mini Hearing

But How Much Do The IA Wireless Hearing Aids Cost? Different models with different prices, please pay attention here, we will update soon! More information about the IA Wireless Hearing Aids Please check the bellow links:


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