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Can I wear a hearing aid if I have otitis media?

2020-05-16 Can I wear a hearing aid if I have otitis media?

If otitis media attacks repeatedly, it is not recommended to choose the internal ear devices. On one hand, a moist ear canal is easy to damage the device. On the other hand, blocked ear canal will cause the recurrence of otitis media.

Otitis media leads to hearing loss. If it causes difficulties in life, study and work, we need to seek the help of hearing aids, and intervene through hearing aids. But many people are worried that if they wear hearing aids at the same time of inflammation, will the inflammation be more severe? That's for sure. So when choosing hearing aids, we suggest that people with otitis media should choose the ear back machine. If there is a requirement for the appearance, then customized rear version shall be selected. When wearing, a layer of deixis cotton should be laid on the receiver to protect the receiver from the infringement of thick liquid. Some time later the hearing aid should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

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