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How to understand analog and digital hearing aids?


How to understand analog and digital hearing aids?

The digital hearing aid is not amplified according to the principle of 1:1, the sound is more natural, and it is not easy to be distorted. The noise reduction and other aspects will be better. Truly, it can be heard in a low voice, and not ear shattering in a loud voice. However analog hearing aid is just the opposite. It sounds noisy and wearing it for a long time will cause hearing loss.

Digital hearing aid is very different from analog one. Firstly, analog hearing aid belongs to linear 1:1 amplification, with the same amplification of large and small sounds. The small sound can't hear clearly and the big sound is too noisy. It's not only not helpful for the deaf, but also can damage the residual hearing if it's worn for a long time. The digital hearing aid is more intelligent, with clear and full voice, which is more natural. The biggest advantage of the digital hearing aid is that it can be fitted by computer. There are many adaptive environments, such as a noise reduction function in the noise environment, a variety of environment switching and all-round sound collection, so that your listening experience is much more better.

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