Hearing Loss

Is analog or digital hearing aid better?


Is analog or digital hearing aid better?

Linear amplification is adopted in analog hearing aid. The input / output function of the amplification is 1:1. The gain of the hearing aid is constant. The input intensity is increased by 1dB, and the output sound is increased by 1dB accordingly. If the input sound is very large, the output sound will easily exceed the loudness discomfort range of the patient, which will cause uncomfortable wearing and even damage the residual hearing. This hearing aid is generally applicable for patients with conductive hearing loss or who have previously worn a linear amplification hearing aid.


Digital hearing aid: the gain is not constant. The nonlinear hearing aid has the ability of noise reduction. Compared with the linear hearing aid, it has smaller noise, smaller distortion, stronger adaptability to complex environment and more comfortable wearing experience. In theory, it is suitable for all patients with hearing loss.

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