Hearing Loss

Why can't I hear clearly after wear hearing aids for a while?


Why can't I hear clearly after wear hearing aids for a while?

There will be the following conditions that cause the hearing aid’s unclear hearing: too much ear endocrine cerumen blocking the ear canal mouth, or cerumen blocking the air outlet of microphone. There may also be a damp hearing aid. Or the wearer's hearing changes. It is recommended to go to the hearing aid fitting center regularly to maintain the machine and reexamine the hearing. First, check from the hearing aid itself: 1. Whether there is blockage of foreign matters in the earplug, or there is water drop in the acoustic tube, and whether there is blockage of earwax on the head of the customized machine; 2. Check whether the battery is sufficient; 3. Whether the machine is affected by damp.


From hearing aid wearer’s personal fitting parameters: as the initial hearing aid wearer, generally audiologist will give the initial loudness to a relatively small one, and the voice will be amplified after the hearing loss wearer adapts for a period of time. It is possible that after wearing it for a period of time, the initial fitting adapts, and wearer feel that it is not clear than before. Therefore, you can check whether there are any of the above problems by yourself. Then go to the relevant fitting center to adjust fitting parameters.

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