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How long does it take the brain to adapt to the new sound?

How long does it take the brain to adapt to the new sound?

When many people choose a hearing aid for the first time, they think "All I have to do is put a hearing aid in my ear". However, the facts are not so simple. Although we hope so much, hearing aids are not as simple and easy as buying a TV. If you buy a new TV, just install it and you can lean on the sofa. However, for hearing aids, it often takes a while for you to adapt and adjust to get all the benefits of hearing aids.

In recent years, the
technology of hearing aids has been developed rapidly, not only the internal technology of hearing aids, but also the programming software has become easier to adjust, which can more quickly match the individual needs of each patient. This means that hearing aids can more accurately compensate for your hearing loss.
Austar programming software
So how long does it take our brains to adapt to new sounds? The answer is 12 weeks!

That is to say, it may take up to 3 months from the time you first wear the hearing aid to the time when your brain fully adapts and understands new sounds, especially speech.

I think this is where many people are disappointed with their hearing aids, and they expect them to "immediately" restore their lost hearing. Indeed, the hearing aid itself can achieve this goal, it just takes time!

Different people have different time to adapt hearing aids. If you've worn a hearing aid before, you can adapt to it quickly; if you're wearing a hearing aid for the first time, it takes longer to get used to it. Especially those who have a long hearing loss and have never worn a hearing aid. Taking into account these characteristics of new users, the audiologist will often give a lower volume at the beginning, which is much lower than the actual sound level required. In this way, your brain won't be impacted by a lot of sound.

As time goes on, your brain gradually accepts and understands new sounds. Then you need to go to the listening center repeatedly. Please ask your match maker to slowly increase the volume and reprogram until you get all the benefits of the new hearing aid.
hearing aids with the latest technology
In this process, our Austar Hearing Company have the following suggestions for you:

Please do not feel depressed when the hearing aids don't work perfectly during few weeks when you first put them on. Just keep going, wear as much as you can, and give your brain more time to adapt to them.

If your new divice is a hearing aid with a remote control or remote control app, please try to adjust the sound and see what sounds right for you. And tell your fitter what settings you feel better.
If you feel uncomfortable, please go to the hearing center immediately. Keep in touch with your match maker, tell him or her how you feel, and ask him or her to fine tune your hearing aid.

Please challenge yourself constantly, chat more with people you know, participate more in activities you used to like, listen to various sounds, and continually train your brain so that it can accept new sounds faster.

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How do we ordinary Chinese people do during the situation of corona-virus?

How do we ordinary Chinese people do during the situation of corona-virus?

How do we ordinary Chinese people do during the situation of corona-virus?

Thanks to Chinese government's great supports and effective actions, our city Xiamen has not been affected much by the virus. After got the government’s approval for returning to work, our employees came to work gradually from 17th February.

The corona-virus epidemic has changed our lives obviously. It not only forces us to stay at home, but also changes the way we work, study, and even go shopping.

To protect ourselves from virus, we output following daily actions:
One. Wash hands. After going home; Before and after meals; After coughing or sneezing; Before touching mouth, nose, and eyes; When cooking, before and after handling food; After touching animals, use soap and running water not less than 20 seconds. If it is not convenient when go out, use 75% ethanol antibacterial solution to disinfect.
Two. Drink more water to keep body working well.
Three. Increase ventilation. Use natural ventilation as much as possible, once a day in the morning and in the afternoon, to keep fresh air indoor.
Four. Wear mask when we have to go out/ work.
Five. Use disinfectant to kill virus. Disinfect the surface of people-intensive indoor floors and frequently-contacted objects, such as door handles, escalator handrails, tables, chairs, and counters.
Six. Keep checking body temperature everyday to know body situation.

So far the outbreak of corona-virus in China is under control. However there is a new worry since the number of newly imported cases is increasing fast.We sincerely hope the situation of corona-virus in the world could get better shortly and everyone could get back to normal life soon.

Disinfection before entering the Austar companyDisinfection before entering the Austar company

Austar Hearing daily temperature checkingAustar Hearing daily temperature checkingWe all wear masks to ensure hygienic production

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Austar Hearing At EUHA 2019 64th International Congress of Hearing Aid

Austar Hearing At EUHA 2019 64th International Congress of Hearing Aid

The European Union of the Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) 2019 Details

Date: 16 October 2019 - 18 October 2019
Location name: Nuremberg, Germany
Location address: Nürnberg Convention Center, Messezentrum 2, 90471 Nuremberg, Germany
Welcome to visit Austar Manufacturer Booth number: 3A.112
Brief Introduction:
European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians's Congress is organized annually. EUHA 2019, 64th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians is among one of the most extensive event on Medical, Hearing Loss, Sound, Acoustics and Hearing Aid topics. And new function Austar hearing products with IP68 waterproof, Bluetooth, new platform and algorithm will be exhibited at this event. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at this AUSTAR EUHA Congress & Exhibition 2019.

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IA Wireless Hearing Aids  Austar Programming

IA Wireless Hearing Aids Austar Programming

Austar IA Hearing Aidswith wireless fitting and APP fitting, intelligent and convenient. Bring new hearing feeling and more comfortably feeling for you. Allow user to achieve a more satisfying, clearer, and natural listening experience in a variety of environments. During fitting and debugging, the communication speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. The user is no longer limited by the programming line during the debugging process, and can walk freely within 5 meters to feel the listening effect of all parties. And the cloud service user can be debugged remotely through the network.

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Austar IA Latest Softwareis simple, clear and accurate. Newest fitting software combines Austar all Hearing Aid models, and more humanized classification itelligent detcetion products. Wired fitting and wireless fitting coexist, making Assist Hearing fitting more fast, convenient and accurate. The wireless fitting product provide a new Assist Hearing fitting operation, to provide remote assistance through a computernetwork to provide fitting services to customers, whether at home, in the office or outdoor.

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Wireless fitting includingInside Wireless FittingandExternal Wireless Fittingtypes. Audiologist can put wireless fitting transmitter at void place with USB program cable, that can keep wireless fitting process more stable and high rate without computer host, router and other wwireless instruments interfere.

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Please pay attention here for more updates of IA AST Wireless Hearing Aids With wireless fitting and APP fitting

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