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Can hearing aids be recycled?

Can hearing aids be recycled?

From the perspective of commodities, it is only a form of preferential activities or feedback to customers from manufacturers or distributors. With the development of science and technology, the new generation of hearing aids is just like the current electronic products, and new products will come out every one or two years. In general, the average time for ordinary users to use hearing aids is about 5 years, during which a lot of new products have come out.

Considering the particularity of products, the problem of discontinuation of production, lack of repair parts etc., the greater difference between hearing aids and other electronic products lies in the use environment and frequency. Some people say that the use frequency of mobile phones is also very high, but mobile phones generally do not face sweat, earwax and wet ear canal environment. Hearing aids are often hung behind or plugged in the ear canal. In addition to paying attention to maintenance and avoiding falling, after-sales service and maintenance problems are also very important.

So it doesn't make much sense to recycle the hearing aid. Our hearing center will not recycle the old hearing aids when it carries out the “old for new” promotion. Customers will test and match new hearing aids with relative discount based on their old ones. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are also reasons such as children changing hearing aids. Most of the time, the used children hearing aids are relatively new. Parents want to use new technology and then change their children’s hearing aids. At this time, the data of old hearing aids detected by hearing aids analyzer is up to standard, which can be recycled. However, considering that children are generally lively and active, it is more meaningful for customers to keep the old ones for backup.

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