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How long does it take the brain to adapt to the new sound?

2020-03-27 When many people choose a hearing aid for the first time, they think "All I have to do is put a hearing aid in my ear". However, the facts are not so simple. Although we hope so much, hearing aids are not as simple and easy as buying a TV. If you buy a new TV, just install it and you can lean on the sofa. However, for hearing aids, it often takes a while for you to adapt and adjust to get all the benefits of hearing aids.

In recent years, the technology of hearing aids has been developed rapidly, not only the internal technology of hearing aids, but also the programming software has become easier to adjust, which can more quickly match the individual needs of each patient. This means that hearing aids can more accurately compensate for your hearing loss.
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So how long does it take our brains to adapt to new sounds? The answer is 12 weeks!

That is to say, it may take up to 3 months from the time you first wear the hearing aid to the time when your brain fully adapts and understands new sounds, especially speech.

I think this is where many people are disappointed with their hearing aids, and they expect them to "immediately" restore their lost hearing. Indeed, the hearing aid itself can achieve this goal, it just takes time!

Different people have different time to adapt hearing aids. If you've worn a hearing aid before, you can adapt to it quickly; if you're wearing a hearing aid for the first time, it takes longer to get used to it. Especially those who have a long hearing loss and have never worn a hearing aid. Taking into account these characteristics of new users, the audiologist will often give a lower volume at the beginning, which is much lower than the actual sound level required. In this way, your brain won't be impacted by a lot of sound.

As time goes on, your brain gradually accepts and understands new sounds. Then you need to go to the listening center repeatedly. Please ask your match maker to slowly increase the volume and reprogram until you get all the benefits of the new hearing aid.
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In this process, our Austar Hearing Company have the following suggestions for you:

Please do not feel depressed when the hearing aids don't work perfectly during few weeks when you first put them on. Just keep going, wear as much as you can, and give your brain more time to adapt to them.

If your new divice is a hearing aid with a remote control or remote control app, please try to adjust the sound and see what sounds right for you. And tell your fitter what settings you feel better.
If you feel uncomfortable, please go to the hearing center immediately. Keep in touch with your match maker, tell him or her how you feel, and ask him or her to fine tune your hearing aid.

Please challenge yourself constantly, chat more with people you know, participate more in activities you used to like, listen to various sounds, and continually train your brain so that it can accept new sounds faster.

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