Hearing Loss

Wearing One Aid vs. Two Aids


Being able to hear with both ears is just as important as being able to see with both eyes. If you closed one eye, your depth perception would be distorted. If you close off one ear, your understanding is affected. Hearing occurs in your brain, not in your ears. Your ears simply process the signal or sounds for the brain. The brain requires information from both ears in order to give meaning to the sound.

The other benefits of wearing two aids are…

* Your ability to accurately detect the sound source improves.

* It is easier to understand speech in noisy environments.

* Your surroundings take on a fuller, richer and more comfortable sound experience.

* You protect the understanding of both ears from auditory deprivation.

* You do not have to have people stand on one side of you so your hearing aid can pick up their voice.

* Should you have a hearing aid that needs repair you still have one to hear with until the repair is complete.

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